90’s Cartoon Classic “Hey Arnold!” Is Back!!

Photo via themarysue.com (Youtube screenshot)

“Hey Arnold!,” a Nickelodeon cartoon classic, will make a return to television this fall. Fans delight in nineties nostalgia as Arnold and his gang tackle a new adventure.

Nickelodeon’s “Hey Arnold!” will not return as a series but a TV movie, “Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.” Last Friday, the teaser debut during a Comic-Con panel with fans eager for the characters return. The two-minute teaser gave a sneak peek at the characters’ slightly updated look.

In the teaser, Arnold is led by his grandfather to their apartment rooftop. There, he is surprised with his friends and familiar faces. A video projector plays a montage, secretly filmed by Helga, with all the characters that the teen hero helped from different episodes. Characters such as Stoop Kid, Pigeon Man, Harold, and Sid all made appearances.

Series creator Craig Bartlett introduced the video from the upcoming tv movie, which picks up from the series finale. The series aired between 1996-2004 with a 2002 tv movie, “Hey Arnold!: The Movie.”  Nickelodeon announced the series reboot last June with the original characters returning.

The film centers Arnold and his friends winning a trip to the jungle, where Arnold will uncover secrets about his missing parents. His parent’s disappearance has been a 13-year-long cliff-hanger that many fans hope to unravel.

Hey Arnold CR: Nickelodeon

Photo via ew.com (Nickelodeon)

Bartlett co-wrote and co-produced the tv film, airing on Nov. 23, 2017.

Check out the teaser here!


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